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Jasmine Rae Releases New Single & Video 'Don't Do It For The Haters'

Jasmine Rae has released one of the most powerful and personal songs of her career, ‘Don’t Do It For The Haters’.


Written as an emotional response to the “hate” directed at her in response to a copyright lawsuit centred around her 2017 song ‘When I Found You’, Rae as co-writer was not a part of the litigation.

However she found herself the subject of extraordinarily negative emails, phone calls and social media commentary that left her reeling.


She explains, “Because I was the face of our song, I copped an enormous amount of hate anyway, from all directions. It was a really confronting and confusing time for me."

"For a while, I didn’t want to co-write with anyone, didn’t want to put myself out there or be vulnerable and I was questioning everything. People around me actually thought that I would give up."

"But later that year I did a short tour with US country artist Granger Smith and that experience was a wonderful reminder for me about why I love doing what I do."

"I was reminded of how the love of music brings people together, the love I get from people who support my music and the love I get from performing my songs with my friends."

"I realised that I don’t do it for the haters. It’s the LOVE that does it for me!"

"I wanted to write something about that whole experience. I initially wrote some very angry songs but this one feels truer. This song is the one that sums up the real lessons learned by that experience and puts a full stop on it for me. It gives me closure."

There are times when we face all sorts of roadblocks and setbacks. A lot of people are experiencing soul destroying challenges right now. So I guess this song is a testament that sometimes it can take just one good moment to remind us why we do what we’re supposed to do.”

Jasmine told fans about her emotional response to the new music video for 'Don't Do It For The Haters' after first watching it. The video chronicles many of her career highlights to dates, including memorable moments with the likes of Joe Nichols, Kellie Pickler, Ganger Smith and Adam Brand.

"I cried when I first saw this. I’ve been so lucky, she said.

"I can get so distracted by the BS. The stuff that doesn’t truly matter."

"This is a video full of moments are so real!! I wasn’t wishing I was anywhere else in every single one of these moments."

"I loved these moments. And I feel like I'm only just getting started!!!"

Jasmine Rae’s new album LION SIDE will be released on July 24th and is available for pre order now.

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