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Jasmine Rae previews new song 'Fraudulent' from upcoming new album


Jasmine Rae has unveiled another new song from her upcoming album, LION SIDE.

"This song is so painfully honest that I never expected to have the courage to show it to anyone," Rae told fans on social media.

"Being honest about someone hurting you is hard. Being honest and hurting someone is harder."

"Changing your mind all the time and losing all faith in your gut instinct is completely paralysing. I understand not everyone analyses themselves as often and as brutally as me. But I do it. Through the process I cried, I got awkward, I freakin SANG my song."

"I took an emotional dump and with the help of Sinead Burgess, who wrote it with me, Lindsey Jackson, who lovingly produced it and Tim Holland who basically forced me to be my realest I’ve ever been."

"My insane truth got crafted into a song I couldn’t be more proud of. Seriously. Phew. It's still three months until I release LION SIDE in full. So I wanted to give you 'Fraudulent' now."

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