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Jasmine Rae to release New Album LION SIDE on July 24

Jasmine Rae - Lion Side



“Being real is a superpower. It’s what heals us together.”

That is the mantra of Jasmine Rae… the multi-award winning vocalist, brutally honest songwriter and electrifying live performer.

It’s also the mantra behind her upcoming album Lion Side, which will be released on July 24, 2020.

Lion Side is a culmination of several years of soul searching, rigorous and often tortuous self-assessment, indecision and the need to find greater inner-purpose and direction.

Ultimately, Jasmine Rae has rediscovered that her true path to self-enlightenment is through her music.

“I took a long time to make this album, but ultimately I simply had to do it,” says Jasmine Rae.

“Music has always been my way of thinking out loud and figuring things out. Writing and performing allows me express those feelings… to be dramatic… be loud or be fragile… be emotional… and be real.”

Recorded in both Sydney and Nashville with producer Lindsey Jackson (Jessica Mauboy, Tori Kelly, The McClymonts), Lion Side comes from an artist who is an inspiration to everyone around her, while often wounded, angry and fragile. In fact, she would even go as far as saying ‘Fraudulent’ at times.

“I think everyone has a Lion Side and a bit of fight inside of them. This album is letting out that side and all the other sides of me,” says Jasmine Rae.

“From a writing and production perspective, there is something in every single song that is different to anything I have ever done before.”

The album’s current single ‘Green Light,’ which is being embraced by both pop and country formats, reflects Jasmine’s battles with anxiety and indecision.

“There are always opportunities: The opportunity to take action, or to purposefully let something go; to make a call or leave things unsaid; to change or try again or try differently,” says Jasmine Rae about ‘Green Light.’

“No decision – is a decision in itself. This song is the inner dialogue of one of those experiences. These are some of the circling thoughts of doubt and indecision that drive me crazy.”

Also available today, as a second pre-album release track with album pre-orders, is ‘Carrying The Flame.’

The song is a tribute to Jasmine Rae’s greatest mentor, and the friend who is now carrying on his legacy, while creating his own.

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