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Jasmine Rae Releases a "In Studio" Social Media Video for 'Right Now'

Jasmine Rae has released a new social media video for her latest single 'Right Now.'

The video features footage from the song's recording session.

"When we recorded vocals for my new song ‘Right Now,’ we took some video cameras into the studio and filmed the recording session. Afterwards we put the footage into iMovie and decided to make a fun video," said Jasmine to fans on social media.

"I probably shouldn’t have been dancing around so much for a studio vocal recording,

… but YOLO!"

Most significantly, Jasmine's highly energetic performance in this video demonstrates why so many people refer to her as the "Pocket Rocket!"

Jasmine Rae will release a new album in early 2020, with more new songs to released this year in the lead-up.

Watch the video below...

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