Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Jasmine Rae Scores Third ARIA Nomination & Launches Brand New Single 'Just Don't Ask Me How I Am'


A day after being nominated for an ARIA Award for her new album If  I Want To, Jasmine Rae has released a new single, ‘Just Don’t Ask Me How I Am’, If I Want To claimed a #23 ARIA All Genre Albums Chart debut in August this year and was yesterday recognized with a 2013 ARIA Nomination for Best Country Album, in excellent company alongside the likes of Lee Kernaghan, Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson.

The captivating ballad was penned by Jasmine Rae while she was caring for her father during his battle with cancer.

“I’d noticed I was living my life day to day without really thinking about how I was feeling about the situation I was in”, Jasmine recalls. “It turned into a song idea – a bit of a sadder idea – to bring in to George Teren, about avoiding the question of how I am.”

Sitting down with Teren, a Nashville A-lister whose songs include hits for Tim McGraw and Gretchen Wilson, Jasmine found her emotional turmoil pouring out into the verses, but was surprised by the direction the song took.

“I didn’t think it would go much deeper than just the things you do to avoid the question – you can get up, go to work, be very functional. Just don’t ask me how I am.”

Jasmine had thought the song would stop there.
“George automatically wanted to write a chorus. I thought ‘What would you write in a chorus? There is no chorus’. You write about how you are.”

‘Cause I’m lonely
And I’m weary
And I’m all torn up inside

“And I resisted. I didn’t want to go that deep into how I was feeling. And I realized if I wasn’t feeling that way, I wouldn’t be writing a song called ‘Just Don’t Ask Me How I Am’”.
The result is one of Jasmine’s most moving and personal songs, and one of the highlights of the third studio album, If I Want To.

“We went to some really deep and honest places in that chorus lyrically; and I think the song is better for it.”

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