Sunday, 28 July 2013

Jasmine Rae Releases A Special Lyric Video For 'First Song'

In the lead-up to the release of Jasmine Rae's new album If I Want To this Friday August 2, Jasmine has released a special Lyric Video for the album's final track 'First Song.'

First Song is without doubt the most personal song Jasmine Rae has ever written, and she did so with the help of another young Australian writer Briana Lee. 

"This is the first song I wrote after my Dad lost his battle with Cancer," says Jasmine Rae.

"It was difficult to start writing,or start anything new, let a lone finish a song without him. He had always been there to listen to every single song and song idea I came up with. He was one of my biggest supporters."

"Writing 'First Song' with Briana was like therapy for me and recording it was something very special, too. I think Luke and the band did a wonderful job on this track"  

Listen to 'First Song' and watch the Lyric Video below...