Thursday, 15 November 2012

Listen To Jasmine Rae's New Christmas Track 'Santa Man'

Listen to 'Santa Man' from Santa's Little Helper...

Produced locally by Michael Carpenter, 'Santa Man' sees Jasmine Rae deliver an original Christmas track with a Country/Blues flavour and a touch of Big Band!

“Many Christmas songs are asking Santa to bring us love on Christmas Day. Others ask him to bring world peace and similar aspirations. This song is about asking Santa for a job!! Not so much in a mystical magical way, as Santa could make a job appear at my doorstep if he wanted - but more practically, trying to convince Santa that I wouldn't let him down if he hired me to help around his shop up North,” says Jasmine Rae.

'Santa Man' is the first track on Santa’s Little Helper, a special five-track Christmas EP from Jasmine Rae, features two original songs, ‘Santa Man’ and ‘Really Christmas’- both co-penned by Jasmine Rae, the classic ‘The Christmas Song’ and festive favourites ‘Christmas Alphabet’ and ‘Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.’

The physical version of Santa's Little Helper is available exclusively from ABC Shops for $4.99. Visit a store or purchase via the ABC Shop Online Store - BUY NOW

You can also purchase digitally via iTunes for $4.99 - BUY NOW

The announcement of this special Christmas EP release coincides with the news that Jasmine Rae will appear as a special guest at US artist Craig Campbell’s show at the Tamworth Recreational Entertainment & Convention Centre on January 19 – also featuring the ARIA nominated McAlister Kemp. This will be Jasmine Rae’s only Tamworth festival show. Tickets for that show are on sale now.