Friday, 20 May 2011

‘I'll Try Anything' To Hang Out With Joe Nichols...

Being out on the road again in early May with the GREAT Joe Nichols and his band was a blast! Peter McWhirter and his band the Naughty Nannys (later named the Side Show Girls) were also rocking out with us, so it was a heap of fun.

Was so good to hear some of Joe’s new music live - and great to play some of the new tracks from "Listen Here" live too. After kicking it off in the party towns of Toowoomba and Rockhampton, we headed down to Penrith where lots of friends came out and got their country on!! Thank you everyone who came, especially Toni Glenn, who drove from Hay to see us. It was a big night!
While in Sydney, Joe and I caught up with the beautiful Kerri-Anne, who invited us onto her Channel 9 show to perform our duet, the new single, “I'll Try Anything”.  This song is fun to strip back acoustically, a little more challenging to do so at 10am, but I'll jump at any chance to sing with Joe Nichols live – thanks again to Joe :)

A day off in Albury resulted in Hannah and I checking out the ‘old and rare’ bookstore on the main strip and eating ice-cream for a day. Ah, such hard work :P We had a great time at the Albury Entertainment Centre. I love Albury. The weather was chilly - make that ice with a capital “I” - but the audience was smokin'.

The next morning we climbed onto the tour bus and headed down to my home town - Melbourne. Destination: The Forum Theatre. Many of my friends have told me The Forum is their favourite venue and when I set foot onto the stage for soundcheck that evening, I could see why. Inside follows a theme from Ancient Greece. It was like a big amphitheatre, with large arches around the doorways, and walls lined with white pillars and naked statues of Greek Gods. Definitely had a vibe like no other place I've played. That night it was set up with comfy booths at the back where people can have a drink and hang out with friends and an open plan at the front of the room where people could dance and party near the stage.

Some of my band and I have friends and family in Melbourne, so it was great that they were able to come on down and check out the show. For some of my friends, it was their first time at a country music concert– and it was great to convert a few more people to the movement!!

Next stop for me? - New Zealand!! "Listen Here" has just been released there through ABC/Universal Music. Can't wait to tell you all about it.

Take Care,